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We are Story + Reason.

We work with cultural organizations to tell your stories with clarity, consistency, and confidence. We empower you to make choices for a reason and be systematic in your approach to any project. 


What We Do

What We Do

Find your story.
Tell it with impact.

We walk through the process together, listening, coaching, and clarifying every step of the way to ensure that once you find your story, you tell it the same way every time and through every project.


Our interpretive planning begins and ends with listening and logic, to distill your unique story and reveal the best methods to tell that story to your audience.

Who are you and what is your story? 

  • Scaleable interpretive planning, from project specific to institution wide

  • Messaging alignment

  • Goal setting and strategy

  • Metrics and performance indicators

  • Project briefs and grant support


Is the story you're telling the story your audience is hearing?

We audit exhibits, programs, and initiatives against your goals to discover strengths and opportunities in content and delivery.

  • Content audits

  • Evaluation and market research

  • Data analysis and reporting


How can a specific project illuminate your organization’s overall story? 

We implement award-winning programs, exhibitions, interactives, podcasts, and more. 

  • Exhibition concept design 

  • Program development

  • Content research and writing

  • Interactive design and development

  • Analytics and dashboard set up

What We've Done
Children in a museum exhibit play an interactive game on a touchscreen, a bison is on the screen

Every project enhances your overall story.


Designed with school children as a primary audience, this award-winning Bison Interactive Matching Game was developed to support learning goals which demonstrated the vast and complex usages of the bison by American Indian groups in Texas.


Project was undertaken as staff members at the Bullock Texas State History Museum; photo courtesy Bullock Texas State History Museum.

A fashion exhibit with cases of mannequins in dresses and sketches on the walls

A strong exhibition concept design helps to answer the question “so what?” within your gallery.


The exhibition Fashion Forward traced the journey from haute couture to everyday fashion through the lens of a pivotal department store ultimately demonstrating how Texans were involved in conversations about how we trace our identities through the clothes we wear.


Project was undertaken as staff members at the Bullock Texas State History Museum; photo courtesy Bullock Texas State History Museum.

"They are talented people who truly care about us, our artifacts and our mission.

Together they will work tirelessly to deliver your project in a timely, positive, powerful and meaningful manner."

- Gregg Philipson

The Gregg and Michelle Philipson Collection and Archive

This is a workshop!

A group of women sit at a table planning a museum exhibit, papers, labels and photos on the table

Creating a successful interpretive plan starts with getting the right people around the table.


Here, participants at a day-long workshop practice honing interpretive goals and discussing the differences between analog and digital outputs.

Who We Are


We are experienced, passionate

With backgrounds in interpretation, education, digital,

and leadership, we share the common desire to strengthen cultural institutions across the nation.

We are systematic and thorough and bring just the right amount of playful wildcard to allow for an intersection of innovative ideas and systematic processes. 


We work with you to do better, not just to do more.

As a principal for Story + Reason, Kate Betz brings nearly two decades of experience and passion for the museum field to every project. She is at her best when she is teaching, sharing, and listening--actively working with clients to understand their unique situation and find solutions. She believes that a willingness to do the work of planning and process leads to a clearer vision, greater execution, and better outcomes.

More about Kate

Kate Betz
A dark-haired woman with glasses smiles at the camera wearing a blazer and purple scarf
Evan Windham

Evan Windham is driven to create meaningful experiences that inform, educate, and inspire,and support others to do the same. As a principal for Story + Reason, she is particularly passionate about collaborative story development, deeply listening to not only hear but understand the multiple perspectives that come together to create a shared narrative. She believes that stories themselves are powerful, but also that the human connection found in the process of telling shared stories is equally powerful.

More about Evan

A blonde woman with glasses smiles at the camera wearing a blazer and white shirt

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