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We are experienced, passionate professionals with backgrounds in interpretation, education, digital, and leadership, sharing the common desire to strengthen cultural institutions across the nation.

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As a principal for Story + Reason, Kate Betz brings nearly two decades of experience and passion for the museum field to every project. She is at her best when she is teaching, sharing, and listening--actively working with clients to understand their unique situation and find solutions. She believes that a willingness to do the work of planning and process leads to a clearer vision, greater execution, and better outcomes.


Prior to Story + Reason, Kate was at the Bullock Texas State History Museum for twelve years. Working in several positions during that time, Kate ultimately was the Deputy Director of Interpretation, leading the Museum’s education, exhibitions, and web and digital media departments. In this role she oversaw and took an active role in the planning, development, and implementation of award-winning exhibitions and programs including the re-interpretation of major portions of the Museum’s main Texas History Galleries from the earliest arrival of people to the place we now call Texas. Her work also included interpretive message alignment across all communication channels and managing ongoing evaluation efforts. Throughout her time at the Bullock Museum, Kate worked from a core desire to share relevant and meaningful experiences created through deep engagement with the complexities and contradictions of history. 


Kate has worked in history museums, historic sites, and art museums of a variety of sizes and shapes in Texas, Connecticut and New York, managing programs, doing content research and development, and participating in planning efforts that all sought to create connections between people and their environment and asked what we can learn from our shared past.

Kate Betz

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Evan Windham is driven to create meaningful experiences that inform, educate, and inspire,and support others to do the same. As a principal for Story + Reason, she is particularly passionate about collaborative story development, deeply listening to not only hear but understand the multiple perspectives that come together to create a shared narrative. She believes that stories themselves are powerful, but also that the human connection found in the process of telling shared stories is equally powerful.


For over six years, Evan created award-winning digital, physical, and hybrid experiences at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Her in-gallery work included the ideation and development of interactives and short films. In digital outreach, Evan improved the user experience of the Museum’s website and created the Museum’s podcast. In addition to these outward-facing projects, Evan’s work included streamlining interpretive processes, long-term planning of digital projects, and strengthening user research and evaluation. 


Prior to the Bullock Museum, Evan supported small businesses and nonprofits in rural Texas to strengthen local communities and worked in global agriculture in science communication and corporate initiative capacities. 

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